More than 40 years of experience

Over the years, the fastener industry has witnessed massive evolution – both in terms of stature and application as well as techniques of manufacturing. Nuts, bolts and screws have become synonymous with every automobile sector, construction, product manufacturing and varied other applications.

  • Only manufacturer in INDIA with the technology of long length parts upto 500mm long

  • Largest manufacturer with all diverse range of all fasteners and customized special fasteners

  • Most awarded JIT supplier in the entire industry



Super Screws Pvt Ltd Awarded “Special Support Award” by Prestigious Maruti Suzuki India Limited during the Annual Supplier Conference 2018


Super Screws offers a range of fasteners; the range is the widest that is available in the global market today. Standard and made for specific requirements our fasteners conform to various international standards like IS, DIN, JIS, ASTM and BS. They come in varying diameters, hardness grades and lengths.




For virtually, zero defect batches, Super Screws uses high end optical sorter to sort based on a variety of characteristics, like shank length, shank diameter, thread quality, head height etc. The quality process and controls across levels are steered by a cross function team that is ever vigilant. To test the physical and chemical properties of raw materials and the manufactured fasteners, Japanese instruments are used by skilled lab technicians in a high end NABL certified lab.