Super Screws handpicks its suppliers and raw materials. It is from this raw material that we
manufacture our world class fasteners.

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  • Only manufacturer in INDIA with

    M16 Dia

  • Only manufacturer in INDIA with the technology of long length parts upto

    500mm long

Wire Drawing

The wire drawing process that sets the ball rolling in the manufacturing cycle is performed on imported machines integrated with eddy current testing system to ensure that wires are free from any surface defects.

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Our manufacturing units are well equipped with a contemporary lineup of imported high speed multi stationed Bolt formers and Part formers. This enables us to machine standard as well as special products with extreme extrusion, long lengths and bigger body diameters.

A modern screws manufacturing section, with several advanced and imported cold forging high speed Headers, works seamlessly along with high speed thread rolling machines.

For nuts manufacturing, we have a huge set up equipped with imported high speed multi stationed nut formers.

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Thread Rolling

The thread rolling section has a wide array of high end machines including the automatic thread rolling machines imported from reputed makers.

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Nut Tapping

The section also includes the Japanese made high speed nut tapping machines resulting in enhanced productivity and precision manufacturing.

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Heat Treatment

Imported NADCAP certified continuous heat treatment furnaces with huge capacities have been installed to carry out processes including hardening, tempering, carburizing, nitriding and carbonitriding to achieve the desired mechanical properties. It is this set up that allows us to produce high tensile fasteners in varying grades.

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Surface Treatment

For surface finishing Super Screws has deployed a highly advanced ROHS compliant state of the art automatic Electro Plating Plant capable of a wide variety of finishes, all under one roof. This computer controlled plant is capable of handling products of various sizes, a variety of plating thicknesses and special shape products. Our lab is now, also equipped with XRF Testing and Co-Efficient of Friction Testing, and that further adds to our capability at maintaining our trademark quality.

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