Made to meet specific requirements, Super Screws offers 6000+ products – the widest variety available in the market today. The fasteners that the company manufactures range from M3 to M24, with availability in varying diameters, hardness grades, lengths, and conformance to IS, DIN, JIS, ASTM and BS.

Super Screws offers a range of fasteners; the range is the widest that is available in the market today. Standard and
made for specific requirements our fasteners conform to various international standards like

  • BIS

  • IS

  • DIN

  • JIS

  • ASTM

  • BS


They come in varying diameters, hardness grades and lengths.

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In the bolts range a spectrum of precision cold forged low and high tensile bolts of carbon, alloy and stainless
steel per metric and inch size specifications is offered in all grades and types.

Super Screws (P) Limited manufactures all types of Bolts:

Product Range

  • Bolt: M3-M24
  • Lengths: upto 500mm (1st Manufacturer in India with this technology)
  • Types of Bolts: Hexagon Bolts, Hexagon Flange Bolts, Allen/Socket Head Bolts, Square Head Bolts, Weld Bolts, Nib Bolts, Countersunk Socket Head Bolts, Collar Bolts, Round Head Bolts, Shoulder Bolts and all types of Special Bolts & parts.
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Super Screws (P) Limited manufactures all types of Nuts:

Product Range

  • Nuts: M3-M24
  • Types of Nuts: PT Nuts, Hexagon Nuts, Hexagon Weld Nuts, Hexagon Flange Nuts (Plain & Serrated),Square Weld Nuts, Castle/Slotted Nuts, Nylon Insert Nuts, Domed Cap Nuts, Square Nuts, T- Nuts, Lock Nuts and all types of special nuts as per customer's specifications.
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Screws (Self Tapping & Machine Screws)

Super Screws (P) Limited manufactures all types of screws:

Product Range

  • Self-tapping screws : M3-M8, All types: No. 2-No.14
  • Machine screws : M3-M24
  • All types of special screws with spring washers and plain washers


Screws are manufactured in various drives like Phillip type drive, MAllen/Socket type drive, Slot type drive and all other drives as per customer's specifications

Screw Head types

Our products are available in variuos heads like Binding Head, Cheese Head, Countersunk/Flat Head, Hexagon Head, Mushroom/Truss Head, and Pan Head

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Super Screws is also known for its special parts. Our continuous zeal and drive to diversify has resulted in us being recognized as the largest manufacturer of special parts in our league. Our special parts range includes:

Axles of up to 500m lengths, Engine Studs and Ball Joints

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CHQ Wires

CHQ wires are a fundamental component, especially in automobiles, consumer goods and the electrical equipment space. We manufacture quality CHQ wires, drawn from and by annealing special steel wire rods. High quality CHQ wires result in high quality fasteners and greater reliability. Wires manufactured by Super Screws range from 2mm to 42mm.

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