A fastener is an umbrella term that refers to commonly used nuts, bolts, screws, etc. Fasteners are a small yet vital part of any civil, mechanical, or electrical structure. It is a mechanical tool that rigidly connects or affixes two, objects or surfaces together.

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These fasteners come in different diameters, hardness grades, and lengths. From a basic toy for a child to multi-story buildings and aircraft, fasteners are available and play an important role in the functioning of the structure.

Super Screws is amongst the leading fasteners manufacturers in India. Since our establishment in 1976, we have been catering to all the standard and customized fasteners' needs in multiple industries. Today we are a reliable brand for automotive fasteners in Delhi, and also amongst the leading automotive fasteners suppliers in India.

We manufacture the best quality fasteners to meet the requirements of multiple industries including the Electrical, Engineering, Automobile, and Construction industries. Today our product range has over 6000+ products in different designs, diameters, specifications, lengths, and hardness grades. Our product range is included amongst the widest possible product range in the market today.

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As one of the leading Bolt Fastener Manufacturers in India, Super Screws offers a wide range of products that varies in sizes, design, diameters, hardness grades, and lengths. Our product range is specifically designed to meet national and International standards of fastener manufacturing. Today, we are one of the leading automotive fasteners manufacturers in India having a product range that conforms to Indian Standards (IS), German Standards (DIN), Japanese Standards (JIS), American Standards (ASTM), and British Standards (BS).

In addition to our technical expertise, Super Screws has a team of CAD specialists. As part of their continuous improvement efforts, they plan and design advanced products, and design tools, and further improve their processes. As new technologies emerge every day, the new era is witnessing a rapid development of new technologies. To remain a forerunner amongst the fastener manufacturers in India in the ever-evolving era, Super Screws conducts extensive research into technological innovations as part of the creation of new designs.

Ensuring quality standards is our motto. For this purpose, we have specially designed quality testing labs. With an in-house lab equipped with the latest technology, we ensure that your requirements are made to the highest standards. We have a Spectro-enabled lab that gives optimal results. There is a laboratory, equipped with test equipment calibrated to national standards. Besides conducting chemical analysis using the wet method, our test labs are also capable of macro and micro examination of samples, as well as photographing and storing them.


What is a fastener manufacturer?

A fastener manufacturer is a company or an organization that manufactures a variety of nuts, bolts, screws, etc. Super Screws is amongst the top fastener manufacturers in India. With multiple specific departments to ensure the quality and production of these fasteners, we as one of the leaders in the vertical ensure that the fasteners are manufactured according to the market standards.

What is the manufacturing process of fasteners?

Fasteners are the most basic components of mechanical, automobile, electrical, or construction structures. Owing to its importance in structure, the process of production followed by the new-age automotive fasteners manufacturers has become an advanced, high-tech process with multiple steps. Despite their many sizes and shapes, fasteners generally follow the same basic manufacturing process. Before being packed for shipment, steel wire is cold forged into the correct shape, and then heat treated to improve strength and surface treated to improve durability. It is possible to add a number of additional steps to the production process for more advanced bolt designs.

Which Indian Company manufactures nuts and bolts?

Super Screws is amongst the leading fasteners manufacturers in India. Under the able leadership of its founder, Mr. S.K. Kapoor, Super Screws was established in 1976. Founded with the vision of supplying high-quality nuts, screws, and bolts worldwide, we are now one of the largest providers of fastener solutions across the globe, offering industry-specific solutions to customers around the world with the widest range of precision cold forged low and high tensile industrial fasteners. Today, we operate 5 state-of-the-art, sprawling, vertically integrated factories, where the process of production of fasteners is for a variety of internationally observed standards.