As one of the leading bolt manufacturing companies in India, at Super Screws we offer a wide spectrum of high precision cold forged low and high tensile bolts of carbon, alloy and stainless steel as per metric and inch size specifications in all grades and types.

Having unmatched reputation as the most dependable industrial bolt manufacturers company in India, we manufacture all types of bolts that range right from M3 to M24. The lengths of the bolts produced go upto 500 mm (we are the 1st manufacturer in India having this technology), proving that we are a frontrunner among the most innovative Bolt Fastener Manufacturers in India.

The extensive range of high quality bolts that we manufacture include:

  • Hexagon Bolts
  • Hexagon Flange Bolts
  • Allen/Socket Head Bolts
  • Square Head Bolts
  • Weld Bolts
  • Nib Bolts
  • Countersunk Socket Head Bolts
  • Collar Bolts
  • Round Head Bolts
  • Shoulder Bolts
Round Head Bolts

The manufacturing capabilities and infrastructural prowess for producing such a widest range of supreme quality bolts make us one of the market-leading special Bolt Manufacturers in India.

Our reputation as a market-leading socket head bolt manufacturer is entirely due to our experienced team of product design engineers who have unmatched CAD expertise. Each and every one of our team members is relentlessly involved in ultra- advanced product planning, tool designing and their never-ending improvement.

As one of the most innovative weld bolt manufacturers in India, we have realised the fact that the future belongs to innovative technology in the new era. Keeping in view the same, we have gone deeper into technological innovations and conduct extensive research to create newer designs in the bolt segments.