Factors Contributing to Indian Fastener Manufacturers’ Global Stature

Factors Contributing to Indian Fastener Manufacturers’ Global Stature

The industrial fasteners produced and supplied by the leading socket head bolt manufacturer in India are the most important components used in a large number of industries. No two assemblies can be connected or joined without using fasteners. The fastener is a common term given to nuts, bolts, screws, rivets, and washers. Some of the top industries where these fasteners find applications include aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, railway, chemical processing, medical, food and beverage, Marine and Offshore, Metal and Mineral Mining, and construction.

All the above industries revolve around fasteners giving rise to so many standard and weld bolt manufacturers. The global fasteners industry is on the rise because of rapid progression in a large number of industries such as automotive and construction. The global fasteners market today is driven by technology, and when a new technology hits the market, the manufacturers of fasteners need to act accordingly to retain their clients and win their trust as their dependable business partners.

This blog discusses how Indian fastener manufacturers are making their mark in the global fasteners market.

High-quality raw materials and innovative manufacturing methodology

Over the past few decades, Indian companies manufacturing and supplying industrial fasteners of high quality have emerged as a global force to reckon with. They have earned a formidable reputation by delivering fasteners according to the exacting requirements of the world’s leading brands. The very first reason lies in the high-quality raw materials which they use to manufacture industrial fasteners. The raw material is checked in ultramodern labs before it goes to the production floor. The fasteners produced are of superior quality and can be used in the harshest of conditions.

As for wire processing, it takes place in state-of-the-art facilities with the material’s chemical composition as well as forging ability. Depending upon the dimension of the fasteners to be made, the wire drawing process is executed to achieve the required wire size before it is rendered to the cold forging area. Indian manufacturers make no compromise on quality because there are industry segments where the applications of fasteners can either make or break the entire establishment.

Forging & Rolling

The forging setup installed by the top Indian fasteners manufacturers is capable of manufacturing a comprehensive range of standard as well as special fasteners. With thousands of MT capacity in both forging and thread rolling, these ultramodern manufacturing facilities are equipped with multi-station cold forging machines and circular rolling machines. This infrastructural prowess enables Indian fastener manufacturers to forge blanks of extremely high precision while reducing secondary operations like pointing and grinding.

Ultra-modern Heat Treatment Facility

Heat treatment is one of the most important facilities to manufacture high-quality fasteners, and in this area also, Indian manufacturers have carved a niche for themselves across the world. Ultramodern continuous PLC-controlled hardening and tempering furnaces with high capacity enable these companies to come up with a very high level of precision in industrial fastener manufacturing. All the fasteners under production are duly heat-treated at the required temperature and quenched in oil to obtain the desired hardness. In the second zone of the furnace, all the fasteners are tempered to obtain the following:

The necessary tensile strength
Impact strength
Torque strength
Yield strength
Fatigue strength, and
% elongation.

Better provision for high-quality coating

When it comes to making industrial fasteners stronger and tougher, coating plays a very crucial role. The way an industrial fastener is coated also determines its performing ability. However, the first and foremost purpose of coating the fasteners lies in their prevention from corrosion. Almost all the reputed, recognized, and respected fastener manufacturers and suppliers coat their fasteners to serve the purpose. Some of the most popular coatings include nickel plating, silver plating, cadmium plating, chromium plating, zinc plating, phosphate plating, black oxidizing layer and others.

Manufacturing as per the exacting needs and preferences of the customers

Apart from world-class infrastructural prowess, the Indian fasteners manufacturers have got the unmatched ability to design and develop fasteners as per the exacting needs of their customers, particularly in terms of materials and coating. Some of the major factors the Indian manufacturers take into consideration while making industrial fasteners include the following:

Environmental factors in which the fasteners are to be used
The temperature conditions under which the fasteners need to perform
Corrosive or non-corrosive conditions to determine the treatment accordingly
Types of forces acting around the fasteners
Tensile strength required to serve a particular purpose
Compression or shear
Frequency of assembly and disassembly
The cost of the fastener being used.

Excellent design and engineering

India’s top industrial fast manufacturer and supplier Super Screws has got unmatched abilities in the design and engineering of high-quality industrial fasteners. The company is backed by a competent pool of experienced technical personnel along with CAD expertise. The team works with a strong belief in innovation and comes up with first-of-their-kind products to meet the needs of their clients. Advanced product planning, strategic tool designing and continual improvement put the company on the cutting edge. Since the new era is witnessing the innovation of new technologies almost each passing year, the company always keeps pace with global technological trends and innovations. The company also provides fully customized fastening solutions for a wide range of industries.

Concluding Remarks

Super Screws provides high-quality nuts, screws and bolts to industries worldwide. The company manufactures and supplies the widest range of precision cold-forged low and high-tensile industrial fasteners for customers across the globe. OEMs make up the largest segment of the company’s clients, even as much as 90%. The products and solutions manufactured and supplied by the company are geared towards adding value to its client’s operations. Superior engineering expertise, increasing supply chain efficiency, and reduced costs are what make the company a leader in the business. Currently, Super Screws offers 6000+ products – the widest variety available in the market today. The fasteners range from M3 to M24, with availability in varying diameters, hardness grades, lengths, and conformance to IS, DIN, JIS, ASTM and BS.