Top 5 Secrets to Safe, Secure, and Efficient Bolting Revealed

Top 5 Secrets to Safe, Secure, and Efficient Bolting Revealed

Achieving the safest and most secure bolting across industries and different other domains depend upon a large number of factors. Nuts, bolts, and various other types of fasteners manufactured and supplied by the top nuts and bolts manufacturers in India are an important medium to hold two or more things together either permanently or temporarily. And, they need to be applied intelligently to get the best results. This blog reveals some top secrets behind safe, secured, and effective bolting:

1. Go for an appropriate combination of size and grade

When it comes to safe, secured, and effective bolting, the bigger is not necessarily always better. India’s leading standard and custom bolt manufacturer offers nuts and bolts in a wide range of sizes keeping in view the specific needs of the customers. Various bolts are available in big size with their specific applicability. You can’t use them simply anywhere thinking that their bigger size will prove to be better.

In the same way, any bolt that belongs to a higher grade is not a guarantee of any supremacy over the lower grade one. The meaningfulness lies in just one factor – an appropriate combination of size and grade. Strength grade and size are what can have both positive and negative impacts on the bolt load. No additional bolting solutions are required when you choose the right combination of strength grade and size to apply the bolt in a particular application.

Having used the right combination, you will be able to tighten the joint perfectly. For all your bolted joints to stay safe, secured, and effective, the bolt load is what matters more than anything else.

2. Be particular about slackening by creating elasticity in the joints

Slackening is one of the most prominent reasons behind the loosening of bolts. Some major factors responsible for slackening include the following:

• Settlement of either rough or irregular surfaces
• Polymers or composites getting more compact
• Elevated temperatures, and
• Plastically deformed materials.

All these factors result in the loss of preload that ultimately becomes the cause of untimely bolt loosening or joint failures. Nuts and bolts manufactured by the top nuts and bolts manufacturers in India are applied in a diverse range of heavy-duty tools and machines that are exposed to extreme temperatures and loads. Under such an environment, they are always prone to slackening. The solution to the problem lies in the following 2 measures:

1. Slackening can be compensated with the introduction of sufficient elasticity into the bolted connection on a smooth but hard surface.

2. Slackening can also be reduced through the use of multifunctional wedge-locking technology that increases the elasticity of the joint.

3. Choose the right kind of lubrication

The importance of lubrication can never be overlooked when it comes to achieving the best-bolted joints. With proper lubrication, you can have:

• Reduced friction scatter

• Minimized torque-to-load ratio

• Easy installation and removal, and

• Extended lifespan of the bolt.

Experts are of the view that applying lubrication is mandatory both on the bolt head as well as its engaged threaded part. One of the most important things in terms of proper bolt lubrication is that the lubrication must be chosen prudently keeping in view the following parameters:

• The chemical composition of the lubricant

• Concerns related to health and environmental impact

• Service temperature ranges, and

• Friction coefficient.

Some reputed nuts and bolts manufacturers in India have their own recommendations regarding the lubrication parameters.

4. Coatings have a great role to play in improving bolted joint

Almost all the recognized and respected nuts and bolts manufacturers in India provide their products with different types of coatings intending to improve their overall performance. The coatings they apply might be up to a few micrometers thick, but they provide the fasteners with the following:

• Protection against corrosion

• Minimized friction, and

• Enhanced aesthetic value.

A wide range of coating solutions is available in which galvanization is considered to be the most economical and simplest one. Some manufacturers when needed also make use of zinc alloys to serve the purpose. In case, some more advanced protection is required, the top custom bolt manufacturer in India then goes for multi-layered zinc flakes to serve the coating purposes. Bolt coatings can be chosen based on the following:

• Nature of the application

• Conditions where the bolts or nuts are to be used

• Characteristics of the coatings as some might be heavier than others

• The level of corrosion the coating offers

• Attributes and properties related to friction, and

• Aesthetic properties.

5. Genuineness and quality of bolts

These days, counterfeit or substandard products are rife in almost every walk of life and bolts are also no exception in this regard. If you want to achieve safe, secured, and effective bolting, then you need to invest only in genuine and qualitative fastening solutions (nuts and bolts) manufactured and supplied by the well-recognized standard and custom nuts and bolts manufacturers in India. You must go for the fastening solutions that have been on the market for a long time and have proved their worth in terms of quality, durability, reliability, and performance.

If you are unsure where to buy then take your time and conduct some research about the best standard and custom bolt manufacturer in India. It’s not a tough job to find the best companies as some of them have been in the market for decades with a proven track record of delivering nothing but excellence as far as supreme quality fasteners are concerned. Initially, the purchase cost involved with the genuine bolting solutions might seem to be a little bit higher, but in the long run, you would be saving a lot on their maintenance and periodic repairing.

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