Top 5 Reasons behind the Mechanical Attachment Failures of Industrial Fasteners

Top 5 Reasons behind the Mechanical Attachment Failures of Industrial Fasteners

Mechanical fasteners manufactured and supplied by the top industrial fasteners manufacturers are used to assure a firm and reliable attachment in any fastened product and structure. But various times, the job of fastening in a wide range of industrial and mechanical applications results in serious injuries caused by the mechanical attachment failures attributed to:

● Inappropriate usage of screws, nuts, and bolts (fasteners)
● Inappropriate installation procedures
● Failure of a substandard fastening product, and
● Poor manufacturing
● Missing fasteners or any specific fastener parts
● Unsuitable or makeshift fastener for a specific application
● Missing connections in the piece of hardware to be fastened
● Lack of structural integrity in the poorly crafted system
● Over tightening, abused, and stripped fasteners
● Exhausted or damaged structure to be fastened
● Damage to the fastener or substrate caused by multiple attempts
● Substituted fasteners in place of exclusive or customized ones made and supplied by the leading standard and nut bolt manufacturer in india .

When any fastening component gets disconnected from the point of its attachment, the situation can be very injurious to all those involved in the installation job. In various onsite inspections and investigations, the detachment of mechanical fasteners from their intended location is attributed to various reasons. This blog is an attempt to assess, analyze, and determine some of the most prominent reasons responsible for the detachment of various fastening products made and supplied by the leading standard and nut bolt manufacturer in india.

Some of the reasons why fastening solutions get detached from their intended locations and prove to be dangerous include but are not limited to the following:

1.Improper maintenance

A key factor that might lead to personal injuries lies in the lack of appropriate processes and procedures. There is no dearth of cases where improper maintenance is what leads to the failures or detachment in mechanical fasteners in a particular structure. The maintenance personnel across industries and commercial domains are untrained and drastically lack proper maintenance tools and equipment to carry out the job appropriately.

In many cases, it is also found that the corrective maintenance measures create more serious situations. Herein, a minor problem when not treated or fixed well turns into a cause of personal injury in a particular industrial or commercial setup. Top industrial fastener suppliers have their own set of guidelines when it comes to carrying out any job related to proper maintenance.

2.Thoughtless and inconsiderate application

Today, there are numberless variants of fasteners made and supplied by the leading standard and nut bolt manufacturer in india used across products and structures across commercial and industrial domains. They can be as simple as a staple like screws, washers, nuts, and bolts and also might be some highly specific and customized ones. It is the proprietary connection that makes them complicated because it needs some specific tools and equipment for proper manipulation of the connective surfaces across applications.

The most basic but important thing associated with all mechanical fasteners is that they should be applied to a structure or assembly keeping in view the purpose they are built for.

3.Defying the parameters the fasteners are built on

Most of the manufacturers and nut bolt manufacturer in india design and develop fasteners keeping in view some specific parameters. Some of them include the following:

● Evaluating the weight of the object to be connected or attached
● Keeping in view the substrate that the object will ultimately be connected to
● Evaluating the potential for movement, expansion, or contraction of the substrate
● Thinking over the environment the fasteners will be functioning in.

In case any installer applies the fastener going against any of the parameters mentioned above, the activity might result in a detachment that will ultimately cause injuries and other damages both to the men and machines alike.

4.Not choosing the fasteners as per specific requirements

The types of materials that are used to manufacture sub-surfaces play a pivotal role in determining the overall performance of a fastener. It is also significant to be well-informed about using any particular fastener made and supplied by the top industrial fastener suppliers in critical and harsh environments. What determines the performance of most industrial and commercial fasteners is the point of connection with acidic substrate. This is the point where extreme temperatures, different types of high-intensity chemical changes, and moisture frequently take place.

Thus, choosing the fasteners as per specific requirements is what matters most when it comes to their success or failure in a particular application.

5.Circumstantial miscellaneous reasons

There are a large number of conditions to ensure the safe and effective attachment of fasteners varying from site to site and industry to industry. Most of the manufacturers and nut bolt manufacturer in india design and develop fasteners using different substrates and alloys, however, their misuse or abuse can lead to detachment or failures resulting in injuries to men and damages to machines. It has also been found that abuse or improper use of fasteners across applications mostly results from the following mindset:

● Attempting to bring down the project installation cost while acting irrationally
● Providing the installers or engineers with inappropriate structures for fastening or attachment
● Omission of proper fastening instruction or procedures
● Installers making the unsuitable choice of fastening solutions for the project
● Adoption of wrong installation techniques by the people involved
● Installations done hastily due to time crunch, meeting the deadlines by hook or by crook, or using a lesser number of fasteners.

Concluding Remarks

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