Industrial Bolts: Overview, Material Treatment Options, and Finishes

Industrial Bolts: Overview, Material Treatment Options, and Finishes

Bolts are very important mechanical fasteners. The round head bolt suppliers and manufacturers design them with external threads. A wide range of industries uses bolts with a nut to join either two or more parts together. And, they use tightening torque to serve the purpose. Most bolts find application across structures and assemblies through insertions in the pre-drilled holes. These holes are in the materials that need to be joined. Bolts and nuts work together just contrary to screws. Bolts need a nut to be threaded so that they can function as desired.
As far as the term ‘bolting’ is concerned, it is hardly used concerning the bolts when it comes to fastening anything. Both ‘bolting’ and ‘types of bolting’ are the terms that deal with bolting machines and fabric bolting most commonly used in the fabric industry.

Bolts work with different types of nuts

In comparison to the other conventional fasteners, nuts and bolts score better over all of them. You can dismantle or disassemble them as and when needed. For instance, top suppliers of round head bolts and other standard fasteners design them for permanent installation. Bolts find applications across structures and assemblies along with nuts and washers. The role of the washer is to provide an increase in the surface area where the attachment force works. A wide range of nuts is available which accompany bolts across applications. Some of them include the following:

● Hex nuts, locknuts, and slotted hex nuts
● Flange nuts, cap nuts, and coupling nuts
● Thumb nuts (also known as wing nuts)
● Square nuts, panel nuts, and surface mount nuts.

Major materials that nuts and bolts join together

Top suppliers of round head bolts and other standard fasteners produce a wide range of nuts and bolts. These nuts and bolts can join the following materials:

● Wood
● Sheet metal
● Steel
● Iron, and
● Polymers, etc.

Some of the most common hand and power tools

As for slotted hex nuts, they work with a mating bolt and a cotter pin. Some of the most common power tools to use these nuts and bolts are:

● Socket sets
● Open-end wrenches
● Box wrenches, and
● Powered drivers.

Bolt Operation

The components that form a bolt are identifiable in 3 sections. The head is the part of the bolt that has the largest diameter. Head provides the bolts with a mount for tools for applying or resisting torque. Shank is the longest part of the bolt. It has helical threads on its circumference. This part of the bolt plays a pivotal role in the alignment of the work-pieces. And, the chamfer is on the end opposite of the head. It provides the bolt with a beveled edge. And, this edge eases the insertion of the bolts into holes and nuts. All the reputed standard and round head bolt suppliers remain very precise in all such specifications.

The successful implementation of bolts always needs a nut. It is because the bolt needs to retain certain components on its axis. When it comes to nuts, they are applied via torque. As for the bolt, it is held in place or vice versa. The position of bolt and employment of nut rely on the same kind of physical principles.

Some of the most common bolt materials and their characteristics


● Lightweight and resistant to oxidation
● Thermal and electrical conducive, and
● Easy to manufacture or work with.


● Strong and conductive
● Corrosion-resistant
● Low magnetic permeability.

Copper alloy

● Excellent load capacity
● Wear resistance, and
● Suitable for use near magnets.


● Inexpensive and corrosion-resistant for light loads
● Great for applications near water, such as pools.

Hardened steel

● Stronger than common steel
● More brittle
● Treated by tempering and quenching methods.

Stainless steel

● Chemical and corrosion-resistant with an appealing finish
● Cannot be hardened like carbon steel.


● Exhibit good mechanical strength
● Surface stability
● Corrosion resistance
● Resistant to creep at high temperatures.


● Hard and strong
● Light, and corrosion resistant
● Increases strength and durability when alloyed with other metals.

Material Treatment Options and Finishes

The round head bolt suppliers and manufacturers in India have expertise in providing nuts and bolts as per the specific requirements. Different types of finishes and heat treatments provide the material with protection from erosion. And, all this results in the bolts’ unmatched capability of withstanding all types of environmental conditions as well as extreme exposure to corrosive substances. Some of the most common treatment options include quenching, tempering, and cold drawing:

As for common finishes, they include:

● Chrome plating
● Hot-dipped galvanized
● Yellow passivated
● Zinc coating
● Anodizing
● Armor coating
● Black oxide
● Blue phosphate.

Bolt manufacturing scenario in India

The round head bolt suppliers and manufacturers in India such as Super Screws offer a wide spectrum of industrial bolts. The company manufactures precision cold-forged low and high tensile bolts of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel per metric and inch size specifications. It specializes in all grades and types of high-quality bolts.

The product range from Super Screws (P) Limited at a glance

As one of the top round head bolts suppliers, the bolt offerings include the following:

● Bolt: M3-M24
● Lengths: up to 500mm (1st manufacturer in India with this technology)
● Types of Bolts: Hexagon Bolts, Hexagon Flange Bolts, Allen/Socket Head Bolts, Square Head Bolts, Weld Bolts, Nib Bolts, Countersunk Socket Head Bolts, Collar Bolts, Round Head Bolts, Shoulder Bolts, and all types of Special Bolts & parts.

Concluding Remarks

Super Screws came into existence in the year 1976. The company provides high-quality nuts, screws, and bolts to industries worldwide. The company has 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. OEMs make up the largest segment of its clients, even as much as 90%. In addition to its premier fastener range, the company also manufactures carbon, alloy, and stainless steel components. Today, Super Screws holds a dominant position in the market.

Innovation has always been at the core of the company’s manufacturing framework. The company has a dedicated tool inspection department for examining the tools. All the tools are well tested and inspected carefully before handing them over to the production department. As one of the top suppliers of round head bolts, the company is meeting the needs of the Automobiles, Engineering, Electronics, and Construction industries.