Super Screws: Manufacturing the Widest Variety of Industrial Fasteners in India

Super Screws: Manufacturing the Widest Variety of Industrial Fasteners in India

The industrial fasteners made and supplied by the leading lock nuts manufacturers are the most significant members belonging to the hardware family. They are comprehensively used in manufacturing as well as various other industry verticals to serve a large number of purposes. Some major industries where fasteners find application include:

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Automotive and Railway Industry
  • Chemical Processing and Medical Industry
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Marine and Offshore Industry
  • Metal and Mineral Mining Industry, and
  • Construction Industry.

No large installation is feasible without using fasteners

The job of all types of fasteners made and supplied by the best nuts manufacturers company is to fix two or more physically distinct objects together. No large installation is feasible without using fasteners. Here, taking an example of a car would be the most appropriate one. A car is known to be a large-sized moving assembly that is made using so many parts firmly joined together. It is the industrial fasteners that make it possible to join different parts together to make a car.

Examples that prove the utility of fasteners

Another glaring example to prove the utility of fasteners is the pipeline system that is widely used to carry either fluids or even gases. Both gases and liquids need a sophisticated pipeline to travel long distances. This network is manufactured by making use of high-quality fasteners and other important members of the hardware family such as nuts, bolts, washers, etc. made by reputed fastener suppliers in India.

A look at some of the most important members of the hardware family

Screw fasteners

Although there are a lot of members in the hardware family, the screw fasteners are the most important ones. A screw is a male fastener having a similar appearance just like a nut. The mechanical structure of a screw is quite similar to the nut. Screws manufactured and supplied by the leading standard and self-tapping screw manufacturers come with some unique ridges on their outer surfaces that help them to hold the frictional forces that work very effectively and efficiently against rotational and vibrational forces. With all these things in place, a screw holds everything in place. 

Companies producing the widest variety of fasteners in India 

These days, reputed manufacturers of industrial fasteners in India have started producing custom nuts and bolts to meet the specific needs of their customers belonging to diverse industry verticals. Super Screws is one such fastener supplier in Delhi NCR that is currently offering more than 6000 products (the widest variety available in the market today). To meet the specific requirements of its global clientele, the variety of fasteners made and supplied by the company ranges from M3 to M24. These supreme quality fasteners are available in:

  • Varied diameters and metals
  • Hardness grades
  • Lengths, and
  • Conformance to IS, DIN, JIS, ASTM, and BS.

Bolt Fasteners

Manufactured and supplied by the leading fastener supplier in Delhi NCR, bolt fasteners are also very important members of the hardware family. A bolt is a male fastener that is comprehensively utilized in various industrial applications with nuts. Bolts are generally irregular as far as their outer surface is concerned, and they come with a track-like structure.

When used in certain applications along with nuts, they extend the required support in combining two or more objects firmly. Bolt fasteners are mostly made by making use of industrial-grade stainless steel. This is because industrial steel is well-known for offering unmatched resistance against corrosions, high tensile strength, and outstanding ability to stand firm against stress. This material is an alloy that is made using different types of elements including chromium, nickel, carbon, nitrogen, etc.

Selecting the right kind of standard and self-tapping screw manufacturer is probably the most crucial aspect when you buy any fasteners for industrial applications. There is a set of qualities that your preferred fastener supplier needs to have. The tips given below will help you to choose the best nuts and bolts supplier in India:

Quality par excellence

You should make no compromise on quality while placing your order for any type of industrial fasteners made and supplied by the leading standard and self-tapping screw manufacturers in India. Make sure the supplier has used the best quality industrial-grade raw materials to manufacture the fasteners you are going to buy. It is important because, in any industry, only the fasteners that are made using the best quality material can function well in the harshest of conditions.

A wide range of selections to choose from

Any fastener supplier in Delhi NCR that you choose to serve your purpose must have a wide range of options to choose from. You should also make sure that your supplier has sufficient stock of the products so that you can avoid any hassles later on. The availability of a wide range of products also gives you options to choose products more than a particular type and structure.

Experience within the industry

When it comes to the experience of the fastener supplier in Delhi NCR that you are going to choose, it does not necessarily signify that the company must have decades of presence within the industry. However, before inking any deal, you just need to confirm the following:

  • What do the existing customers say about the company’s products and services?
  • Does the company have an upgraded knowledge of the products you need?
  • Does the company also offer custom-made products in case you need them?

Concluding Remarks

Established in the year 1976, Super Screws is one of the leading industrial fasteners manufacturers in India. The company has earned a formidable reputation both in India and abroad by manufacturing and supplying high-quality nuts, screws, and bolts to serve diverse industries. Super Screws is the only company in India that uses the technology of long-length parts up to 500mm long. Right since the beginning 46 years ago, the company has been making constant efforts to ideate, innovate and create newer and better products for the benefit of its clients the world over.