Industrial Fasteners: Types, Shapes, Construction Materials, and Applications

Industrial Fasteners: Types, Shapes, Construction Materials, and Applications

Fasteners, made and supplied by the leading industrial fasteners manufacturers, are hardware devices that are utilized to join either two or more objects together mechanically. The bond achieved this way can be both temporary and even permanent. The list of the applications of the fasteners is very long as they are used both in domestic as well as industrial applications. There is a wide variety of high-quality fasteners available today with diverse utilities. Some primary examples of heavily used ones across industries include-

● Bolts
● Rivets
● Pipe plugs
● Pins
● Clinch studs, and
● Anchors.

The fasteners used for homes include-

● Zippers
● Buttons
● Pins and hooks.

Some of the abovementioned fasteners find applications in both domestic as well as industrial applications. Made available by the leading industrial fastener suppliers, these devices play a very significant role as they keep different types of parts and components together.

Major types of materials used for making a fastener

Based on applications, fasteners come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. You can choose the one as per your choice. Here are some of the most common materials that are utilized for making fasteners-


Titanium is heavily used in manufacturing the fasteners that find applications in aircraft joints. Titanium is considered to be the world’s most durable material having a very much stable composition that can combat even the strongest wind conditions. This is the reason it is used on the aircraft to hold it firmly.


The fasteners that are used for taking lighter loads or even medium weight are manufactured by the leading round head bolt and nut suppliers making use of aluminum. Apart from fasteners, screws or self-drilling screws are also made making use of aluminum. The fasteners and screws made using aluminum are less durable than titanium but are great for all ordinary and general purposes. Some other common materials used to make high-quality fasteners include alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and Inconel steel.

The different types of coatings available with the fasteners

Coating plays an important role in making fasteners stronger and tougher, be it bolts, countersunk screws, and screws. The coating also determines the overall performance quotient of the fasteners. The primary purpose behind the coating of these fasteners is to prevent them from corrosion. Almost all the reputed industrial fastener suppliers coat their fasteners.

Some of the most popular coatings utilized on fasteners include:

● Nickel plating
● Silver plating
● Cadmium plating
● Chromium plating
● Zinc plating
● Phosphate plating
● Black oxidizing layer and others.

Major types of fasteners


Screws are the most prominent fasteners that find applications right from small box making to the automotive industry. The mechanism of screws is such that it allows users to either fasten or unfasten according to the requirements as they have grooves in them. Also, they are harder, stronger, and tougher than nails. The screws come with thread lines that keep the two components firmly together. When implemented well, there is no possibility of slipping through the threading. With this, these screws made and supplied by the industrial fastener suppliers prove to be the best fastening solutions among all.

Countersunk screws

In case you are performing any activity on wood, then you will need countersinking the screws. A reputed round head bolt and nut supplier produces and supplies a large number of screws with amazing ability to be countersunk. When it comes to the standard screws, the user can check to fasten when the screw head gets into contact with the hole-base of the screw. On the other hand, in countersunk screws, the head goes below the base surface while ascertaining the best possible grip as well as sustainability. There are many kinds of countersink drill bits that include-

● Pre-drill bit
● Stand-alone bit
● Quick-change bit

For better countersinking, the users must keep an idea of the screw head and its shape.


Well-known as the most traditional and most used fasteners made and supplied by renowned industrial fastener suppliers, bolts offer excellent grip to all types of mechanical objects, particularly in the automobile sector. Bolts are divided into two main components – washer and nuts. Both of them extend support to each other to have a strong grip over the material tightly. When two particular objects are fastened, it is a bolt that holds them together backed by a washer and nuts for support from the other end.

Tapping Screws

Wherever there is a need for rapid work completion, tapping screws come into play. While using tapping screws, you will observe that mating thread results in the formation of threads. One of the most amazing aspects associated with tapping screws made and supplied by industrial fastener suppliers is that they do not need nuts to offer the best possible fastening outcome.

How to choose the most suitable fasteners?

The selection of fasteners entirely depends upon the application and the users’ preference for material and coating. The factors that affect how you decide which one to use include-

● Environmental factors
● The temperature of the place
● Corrosive or non-corrosive conditions
● Types of forces impacting the fasteners
● Tensile
● Compression or shear
● Requirements of the fastener
● Frequency of assembly and disassembly
● The cost of the fastener being used.

Concluding Remarks

It is now easily understandable from the above-mentioned details that fasteners are of many types, sizes, and shapes with varied construction materials. They are made and supplied by the leading industrial fastener suppliers for a large number of applications. Coating and construction material plays a crucial role in determining the overall strength, rigidity, durability, and performance of the fasteners. As per the nature and requirements of your applications, you can choose the variant.

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