Industrial Fasteners: Global Market Overview, Mechanical Properties, and Applications

Industrial Fasteners: Global Market Overview, Mechanical Properties, and Applications

As per some of the latest market researches and statistics, the global market of the best quality fasteners used in a large number of industrial applications is going to see a whopping rise of around 6.4 percent by the end of the year 2022. It is also anticipated that the industry would be generating revenue of around 67 billion dollars within the year 2022.

This is because the industry verticals such as heavy machinery and automobile manufacturing are as of now registering good growth and they will continue to do so in the times to come too. It has also been estimated that the economies the world over will be focusing more on producing goods that make use of nuts, bolts, and screws manufactured by the standard and U nuts manufacturers in Turkey.

A brief overview of fasteners

Before proceeding ahead, let’s discuss very briefly what exactly nuts, bolts, and fasteners are. Made and supplied by the leading standard and U nuts manufacturers in Turkey, fasteners are a female apparatus with a certain mechanical structure. They contain a hole with helical tracks on their outer surface. When used strategically with their counterparts, they hold two or more objects together while keeping two physically separated entities intact. To meet the diverse needs of different industries, the best quality fasteners are made and supplied by manufacturers in different designs, sizes, and metals. 

Fasteners find applications in a wide range of industries that include:

● Construction
● Mechanical
● Production
● Hardware
● Furniture
● Automobiles, machinery, etc.

Uses of major types of fasteners include the following:

Anchor bolts

Anchor bolts are fasteners that are utilized to bind two or more objects to concrete. These are made and supplied by the leading fasteners manufacturers and are available in different types, sizes, and designs. Mostly, anchor bolts are manufactured keeping in view the needs of different manufacturing industries.

Brass fasteners

Brass fasteners are used for stationery purposes and make sure that different types of stationery sheets used in a particular application are intact and altogether.


Nuts find applications in reversing a coupling bolt that is used to fasten a flock of parts altogether. Nuts are also available in different sizes, designs, and capacities and can also be manufactured as per some specific needs.

Screw Anchors

Screw anchors are inserted into a drilled hole with almost no use of any kind of force or push and then stiffened into the center. They are mostly used in the outer parts of the heavy machinery industry. 


Screws are considered to be qualified by a helical edge called either just thread or an external thread that’s unfolded around a container.

Mechanical properties of fasteners

As far as the mechanical properties of the best quality fasteners are concerned, they are manufactured by making use of either carbon or alloy steels. These manufacturers make use of low-carbon steel when an order of fasteners with moderate strength is placed. On the contrary, when the customers want fasteners with high strength and robustness, the use of medium-high carbon is made. During the manufacturing process, desired properties are achieved through various types of heat treatments.

Specifications define the required mechanical properties

Most fasteners are manufactured by the leading fasteners manufacturers while keeping in view a certain set of specifications that ultimately determine the required material properties including hardness, proof load, tensile strength, and yield strength.

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Tensile strength

The tensile strength is something that is determined in pounds per square that any particular material is capable of sustaining. To ensure the strength, a rigorous tension test is conducted by the manufacturer.

Yield strength

The yield strength of the best quality fasteners can be defined as their capability that they exhibit during a specific deviation in the proportion of stress to strain. The strain is what expresses deviation, and in the offset methodology, often a strain of 0.2% is specified.

Proof Load

The proof load is the point to which a particular material can be stressed with no deformation at all. All types of the best quality fasteners are manufactured and approved for different types of proof loads.


Often measured in steels by Vickers, hardness exhibits the resistance of a particular material to plastic deformation.

It’s the nature of the application that determines construction material 

The uses of the best quality fasteners are quite apparent in almost all walks of life. They are the only medium to confirm the fact that all elements are confined in a designated place and are working finely. Leading fasteners manufacturers manufacture a large number of fasteners using materials such as brass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

It is the nature of the application that determines the construction material of the fasteners. When it comes to the manufacturing of the fasteners to be used in industrial applications, the finest quality raw material is used to make them with the maintenance of properties such as industrial-grade robustness, durability, and corrosion resistance.

What to see when buying the best quality fasteners?

While choosing the best quality fasteners for any application, it is necessary to consider a few important things. Some of them are:

● The nature of the place where the fasteners are to be used. It includes the levels of temperatures, the conditions responsible for corrosiveness, and humidity.
● The forces available in that particular environment
● The level of strength required
● Cost, and
● Mechanical properties.

Concluding Remarks

Established in the year 1976, Super Screws is one of the leading standard and U nuts manufacturers in Turkey providing the best quality fasteners to industries worldwide. Manufacturing and supplying the widest range of high precision cold-forged (low and high tensile) industrial fasteners, the company has developed an unmatched expertise in creating specific fastening solutions as per the specific needs of the customers across the globe. Currently, the company is offering more than 6000 products.

The fasteners made and supplied by Super Screws range from M3 to M24, with availability in varying diameters, hardness grades, lengths, and conformance to IS, DIN, JIS, ASTM, and BS.

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