The Mechanism and Mechanical Forces that Work behind Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

The Mechanism and Mechanical Forces that Work behind Screws, Nuts, and Bolts

Screws and bolts are an important part of the family of threaded fasteners. They are some of the early fasteners that were used in a large number of industrial and domestic applications before the advent of different types of new-age fasteners. It might also come to you as a surprise that the terms bolts and screws are still used interchangeably.

This blog sheds light on different types of nuts and bolts made and supplied by renowned weld nuts manufacturer in India. A way a layman can understand the difference between a screw and bolt is that-

● A well-built threaded fastener that has a nut, as well as a flat bottom, is called a bolt
● A well-built threaded fastener without a nut and a flat bottom is called a screw

However, the most practical way to understand the difference between a screw and bolt is to know the way they are used.

Types of Screws and Bolts


Screws are predominantly used to fit materials that play their roles in holding two objects in place. They can be easily distinguished as per their circular/helical ridge features popularly denoted as the male. Some screws also come with threads that are created merely to pair with a compatible thread, known as a female thread. Various others are manufactured aiming at the penetration into soft materials particularly when the screws are being injected.

Primarily, screws and bolts made and supplied by renowned lock nuts manufacturers in India function because of the presence of threads on them. These treads also allow them to perforate different materials. Because of this functionality, screws find applications in joining surfaces together to keep them in place. Screws can be divided into a large number of categories based on the driving method, the shape of the head, and the job requirement they fulfill.

Specifications and Particulars of both Self Tapping & Machine Screws

▪ Self-tapping screws: M3-M8, All types: No. 2-No.14
▪ Machine screws: M3-M24
▪ Special screws with spring washers and plain washers


Screws are manufactured and supplied by weld bolt manufacturers in a large number of drives such as:

▪ Phillip type drive
▪ M. Allen/Socket type drive
▪ Slot type drive, and
▪ All other drives as per the customer's specifications.

Screw Head Types

Indian manufacturers also produce screws in a large number of head capacities that include the following-

▪ Binding Head
▪ Cheese Head
▪ Countersunk/Flat Head
▪ Hexagon Head
▪ Mushroom/Truss Head, and
▪ Pan Head.


Bolts produced by reputed weld bolt manufacturers in India are manufactured by making use of materials such as steel, iron, wood, plastic, and a large number of other metals. During installation, what a bolt needs is a nut as well as a pre-existing hole to execute its desired functionality. Bolts come with a head at the top, that’s backed up by a shank as well as a chamfer at the end.

The head in the bolts acts as a platform for different tools to be able to offer the required torque or withstand it. In a bolt made and supplied by weld bolt manufacturers, the shank is the largest part having the threads. The chamfer provides the bolt with insertion ability into a pre-tapped hole or nut.

Specifications and Particulars of Bolts

Best quality fasteners and weld bolt manufacturers in India produce a wide spectrum of high precision cold-forged low and high-tensile bolts made of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel in different metrics and inch sizes in all grades and types such as Weld Bolts, Nib Bolts, Countersunk Socket Head Bolts, Collar Bolts, Hexagon Bolts, Hexagon Flange Bolts, Allen/Socket Head Bolts, Square Head Bolts, Round Head Bolts, and Shoulder Bolts.

Different types of heads include:

● Square shoulder
● Indented hexagon
● Indented Hexagon washer
● Hexagon (trimmed)
● Hexagon flange

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Different types of Mechanical Forces

To tighten a bolt, a large number of mechanical forces come into play to make sure the joints are secured. Some of the most crucial mechanical forces for the appropriate installation of bolts include the following-

Sheer Force

It is a kind of extreme transverse pressure acting against bolts perpendicularly. Sheer force can also be present in a combo along with tension.

Clamping Force

The clamping force is a kind of compression applied to almost all types of bolts. Clamping force helps them to hold all components together.

Preloading Force

The preload force helps the threads to be in place while also supporting stretching as well as engagement.

Tension Force

Applied to the bolt length, tension force creates pressure in the vertical dimension instead of the bolt’s width.


Bolts produced by reputed weld bolt manufacturers in India find application in manufacturing and industrial and commercial sectors. They can be used right from gardening tools to airliners. Depending on the nature of the application, screws, bolts and the best quality fasteners come in a wide variety of sizes, dimensions, and metals. Some leading nuts and bolts manufacturers in the country have also started manufacturing custom-made products as per the requirements of the customers.

Concluding Note

The supremacy of the nuts, bolts, and fasteners depends upon a large number of things including technology used, metals, precision level, and dimensional accuracy. Some leading industrial units often place bulk orders to meet their needs.

In India, Super Screws is one of the leading weld bolt manufacturers that produces and supplies the best quality fasteners, screws, nuts, and bolts. Right from the very beginning, the company has focused on innovation, cost-effectiveness, and quality in all types of products that it manufactures and supplies.

The main strength of the company lies in its expertise in design engineering. Backed by a dedicated team of experienced and skilled design engineers, the company has offered various ‘first time in India’ products through advanced product planning, tool designing, and continual process improvement.

As one of the leading manufacturers of the best quality fasteners and bolts, the company has always been conducting extensive research on technological innovations not only to stay ahead of its rivals but also to provide its customers with the best fastening solutions.

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